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A traditional bedroom is suitable for every home and every shape and size of bedroom. Our bespoke traditional bedrooms are designed specifically for you and for your home. Traditional bedrooms have offered an unrivalled level of charm consistently for decades and there’s a good reason for that; the warmth, comfort and sophistication of a traditional bedroom scream charm. Every aspect of a traditional bedroom is worthy of consideration, from the obvious thing such as units, doors and furniture down to the more intricate details such as handles, mouldings, baseboards, colours and just about every other aspect of a bedroom you can think of.

Our designers boast 30 plus years of experience in bedroom design and with a traditional bedroom, that experience is critical as they understand the intricacies involved in designing the perfect traditional bedroom. Natural colours and materials work seamlessly with the traditional style, really enhancing the ambience of the space.


Denham Lissa Oak Traditional Style


Driftwood Chardonnay & Vienna Traditional Style


Henlow Moldau Acacia Traditional Style


New Sudbury Cashmere Traditional Style


Sonoma Natural Oak Traditional Style

Extra fixtures such as mirrors, picture frames and any other decorations when chosen properly can really accentuate the traditional style of your new bedroom bringing that extra layer of character and sophistication to finish off your already beautiful, traditional bedroom. Does the traditional style sound right for you? Let us show you how we can make your dreams a reality, contact our showroom on 01625 877 771

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